Tokenized Real Estate & Private Equity

The CashFlowApp offers tokenized private equity and real estate products that will be extremely easy to use for new investors looking to get exposure to these markets. By tokenizing private equity and real estate, the app allows investors to use their tokens as collateral and access instant liquidity without ever having to sell their assets. We plan to create a tokenized asset AMM for the CashFlowApp ecosystem which will create an environment where investors can instantly swap between stable coins and tokenized assets. This allows private equity investments and tokenized real estate to become liquid assets.

Studies show that in 2021 the average property takes approximately 90 to 120 days on the market to sell which is why real estate is considered a non-liquid asset within the traditional financial system. The CashFlowApp creates an ecosystem of products that allows real estate and private equity to become liquid assets on the blockchain and reach millions of new investors.