Curve Finance

The Curve Finance strategy will deposit stablecoins into the curve 3pool to farm trading fees and harvest CRV rewards. These rewards will be sold and used too buyback $CFA tokens from the open market at random times (Too prevent front running from traders).

Many other strategies will be deployed and developed to earn our users more yield!


Profits accumulated through trading fees, interest, etc. are always fully retained by the users deposited into the StableVault. The extra harvested governance tokens are converted into stable coins. 75% of the purchased stable coins are reinvested into the StableVault for additional compounding or available to be collected by users at any time. The remaining 25% of the stable coins are used to buy back $CFA tokens from the open markets for distribution to stakers and protocol treasury.


Take the Curve Finance strategy that uses CRV LP to earn $CRV tokens
  1. The CRV LP is providing liquidity and earning its own fees. All the CRV LP fees all go to StableVault users.
  2. The harvested governance token CRV is used to market buy stable coins.
  3. 75% of the purchased stable coins are converted into the SVLT tokens to be auto-compounded or available to be collected depending on the user's yield strategy settings.
  4. The remaining 25% of those stablecoins are used to buy $CFA tokens for distribution to $CFA token stakers (20%) and protocol treasury (5%).