Risk On Yield

The CashFlowApp offers many different risk on yield strategies from various protocols on several different blockchains we support. For example, if a user is bullish on the $PHA and $BNB token, the user will be able to provide liquidity easily from the CashFlowApp user interface to pancakeswap and stake the liquidity pool tokens to earn a 60%+ APY on their investment using this risk on yield strategy. The users can easily track the US Dollar value of their liquidity pool tokens right from the CashFlowApp user interface. Users can track their realized and average daily returns on their investment and view a 1-year portfolio growth projection chart. These yield analyzation tools will help keep investors on top of their CashFlowApp portfolio.

How is this different from the StableVault Yield Strategy?

I'm glad you asked! Risk on yield is considered "risk on'', because the asset your money is invested in to earn the interest is constantly changing price. The StableVault yield strategy uses stable coins which are always pegged to the price of $1, so there is no need to monitor the price fluctuations on your interest earning investment. With risk on yield strategies you tend to earn a much higher APY but you need to monitor your US dollar value often to make sure your cost basis never goes too far in the negative to a point where the 60% interest won't make up for it. However, with risk on yield strategies, there is also extra upside potential if the price of your asset goes up, because then you earn your original 60% interest plus the extra amount you make with price appreciation.