$CFA Token Staking Function

$CFA token stakers play the role of a decentralised portfolio manager. Staking $CFA tokens gives holders a voice in governance proposals for the CashFlowApp DAO to vote on rate of emissions, deployment of strategies and yield strategy fee’s.

Performance Fees

On top of emissions received, stakers earn a percentage of the yield farming profits from the yield strategies on the CashFlowApp. 20% of the total earnings farmed by yield strategies are taken as a performance fee. These profits are then used to buy back $CFA tokens from the open market which get redistributed to stakers. Active participation in governance is not required to earn these tokens.

How to Stake Your Tokens?

To stake your $CFA tokens, go to the application, connect your wallet, choose the number of tokens you wish to stake and click 'Stake'. Your $CFA token emissions will start to flow in right away and can be claimed anytime using the “Claim” button”.